About us

Welcome to the Web site of the MEI Property Services, s.r.o.

MEI Property Services, s.r.o. is managing real estate portfolios in Czech Republic. MEI Property Services, s.r.o. offers a full range of services for managing real estate portfolios; asset management, property management, heating and facility management, including administration of owner´s companies.

The value of the property under management of MEI Property Services, s.r.o. exceed EUR 70,000,000. MEI Property Services, s.r.o. provides its services to the following real estate holding companies: 1RIF otevřený podílový fond obhospodařovaný AMISTA investiční společnost, a.s. and ÚSTÍ DEVELOPMENT s.r.o.

The real estate portfolios consists of B category multi functional and office buildings, located in regional capitals or in other major regional cities. The total floor area of the buildings exceeds 150,000 m². By actively managing the buildings MEI Property Services, s.r.o. ensures above-average performance of the administered assets.

The next pages contain information buildings under management of MEI Property Services, s.r.o.; their respective capacities, facilities, location, accessibility and occupancy.